Sunday, October 26, 2008

10-25-08 Cuyahoga Valley National Park

The Future Scientists explored the towpath trail around Station Bridge and the ledges on the Virginia Kendall side of the park. Many birds were spotted, including a belted kingfisher being mobbed by a dinky, unidentified bird. The Future Scientists discovered a great blue heron rookery with a large bald eagle nest in the middle. No one was able to catch a glimpse of the bald eagles "getting it on", despite reports of the raucous activity by other visitors and neighbors.

The Future Scientists had a good herpetological day, despite the late season. Sightings included a large gray treefrog, a redback salamander (leadback phase), and a sluggish northern brown (DeKay's) snake. Many other northern brown snakes were also found, although they were all pronounced dead at the scene, and very two-dimensional. The Future Scientists deduced that bicycled-humans were the likely culprits to the flattened reptiles.

Many caves, crevasses (use French pronounciation) and good scrambling areas were explored by the Future Scientists at the ledges. An improvised rock slide left proud mud stains on many a Future Scientist's gluteal area.

A camera will be available to document next week's interesting findings, mystery organisms, butt stains and other misadventures.

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