Sunday, November 16, 2008

11-08-08 Planet Pinwheel UPDATED!

The Future Scientists found a leaf that supported a little town of pinwheel mushrooms, which are appropriately named after their distinctive caps resembling... pinwheels. Other descriptive common names include the "collared parachute mushroom" or the "horsehair mushroom" based on the distinctive look. Notice how each mushroom is smaller than a fingernail - good find!

You can see much better pictures of this mushroom here, at

Click here to see the mushrooms the author first mistook them for.

Interestingly, one distinguishing feature of the mushrooms we found is the fact that they like to grow on oak leaves. CHECK. The other pinwheels prefer sticks and logs.

One cool beans fact about both types of pinwheel mushrooms is that they shrivel up when it is dry, but rain will revive the little guys, making thousands of them seem to sprout up overnight! Aren't we lucky that it's been raining?

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