Tuesday, May 12, 2009

05-09-09 Wood Frog Research

Case Western Reserve University professor and evolutionary biologist Dr. Mike Benard led the Future Scientists through some of his wood frog research at Squire Valleeview Farm. The Future Scientists helped Dr. Benard collect dragonfly larvae for some of his research where he compares how tadpoles of high and low genetic diversity respond to stresses. The Future Scientists helped collect dragonfly larvae that prey on the tadpoles as one of the stressors. If the tadpoles all do well with the challenge, perhaps the Future Scientists can help up the ante next time by having the tadpoles do their own taxes. You can read more about Dr. Benard and his research here.
This innocent-looking dragonfly larva is a tadpole killer.
Dr. Benard shows the Future Scientists his tadpole research tanks.

Good times. (especially if you're not a tadpole)

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