Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fossil Fish!

This summer the CMNH Paleontology team made some nice discoveries of fossil armored fish that Cleveland is famous for. The Future Scientists had brilliant luck and good timing to be able to check out the finds and even help chip out some of the pieces.
The Future Scientists march across river with gear (rock hammers, goggles, and sandwiches).
Scopin' out the cliff
Can you find the fossil?
How about here?
CMNH Paleontologist and team leader David Chapman explains the difference between hard dusty things that are rocks and hard dusty things that are bone.
Cutting stuff out of the cliff! Jad eats a sandwich.
Here is a large piece of what turned out to be a Dunkleosteus, one of Cleveland's famous armored fish. Field marks have been placed on the bone for orientation. These pieces will take several weeks to clean. More bone is still in the rock waiting to be harvested.

Click here to learn more about Dunkleosteus on the Cleveland Museum of Natural History website!

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