Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Mudpuppies

CMNH Curator of Vertebrate Zoology Dr. Tim Matson and his interns spent a morning with the Future Scientists showing how they did their mudpuppy studies. One factor that they are tracking is the effect of lampricides (to get rid of non-native lampreys) on these aquatic salamanders.
Seining for salamanders.
Checking the haul.
Dr. Matson shows off a large crayfish.
Mudpuppy! The Future Scientists were extremely fortunate to witness the only adult that was found the whole day.
Mudpuppy in a tube. A science tube.
Injecting a tracking marker into the mudpuppy. Hence the science tube.
One nest of mudpuppy larvae was also found. Here you can see the yolk sac on the ventral side of one of the salamander babies.

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Kaleigh said...

I love mudpuppies!