Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer snake survey

The Future Scientists examined tins set out by the Geauga Park District at Observatory Park in an effort to document what species are in the area before the park is developed.
Marching out to find tins. Eli (in front) points to the right. Accordingly, Shaun (in back) tries to look in completely the opposite direction.
Checking a tin.
Many garter snakes were found. Frank makes his typical "I got musked" face.
Northern brown snake!
Milk snake!


J-Rod said...

Your 'milk snake' appears to be a juvenile Northern Water Snake. They are commonly confused.

Jeff said...

Thanks J-Rod - upon looking at the photo again, you might be right! It's hard to see a Y or V shape on the back of the head of this snake that might indicate a milk snake. Wish we got a better photo.